1001 Vocabulary & Spelling Questions by Learning Express

By Learning Express

1001 Vocabulary & Spelling Questions: a number of selection structure. comprises new and rising vocabulary in technology and enterprise.

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By Learning Express

1001 Vocabulary & Spelling Questions: a number of selection structure. comprises new and rising vocabulary in technology and enterprise.

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Organ b. foot c. lute d. digit 302. a wooden structure and to rig criminal evidence a. shed b. frame c. stool d. bridge 303. firm or unyielding and a part of a ship a. head b. jib c. stern d. bow 304. a libertine and a yard and garden implement a. rake b. roué c. gear d. tool 305. a spicy dish and to gain favor by flattering a. salsa b. curry c. pesto d. relish 306. a kind of lurid magazine story and the soft, moist inside of fruit a. mash b. flesh c. skin d. pulp < previous page page_33 next page > < previous page page_iii next page > Page iii LEARNING EXPRESS SKILL BUILDERS PRACTICE 1001 Vocabulary and Spelling Questions < previous page page_iii next page > < previous page page_35 next page > Page 35 Section 2 Vocabulary in Context The thirteen sets in the section will give you practice answering questions that ask you to find vocabulary in context.

Unquestionably 229. Neophyte is to novice as pursuit is to a. quest b. restraint c. passion d. speed 230. Regard is to esteem as ambivalence is to a. uncertainty b. withdrawal c. resemblance d. injustice 231. Restrain is to curb as recant is to a. foretell b. retract c. entertain d. resent 232. Capricious is to whimsical as shrewd is to a. cruel b. different c. grateful d. astute 233. Obstinate is to stubborn as staunch is to a. oppressive b. ominous c. faithful d. arrogant 234. Resolutely is to perseveringly as spuriously is to a.

Guarded c. cloistered d. crimped 451. She proceeded with little short steps to the center of the room. a. mincing b. tiny c. miniature d. small 452. He ate and drank all the food on the table. a. divulged b. conversed c. consumed d. retracted 453. The fruit dish he ate for dessert actually left his stomach upset. a. nutriment b. peach cobbler c. apple carafe d. ripe platter 454. Rosanna put blinking lights in all her windows. a. scintillating b. satiny c. irradiated d. burnished 455. A pile of furniture blocked the entrance hall.

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